Critical Care and TeleIntensivist Solutions

When critical illness strikes, many patients at smaller hospitals require transfer to a medical center far from home for specialized care. Now these patients may not need to leave their hometown hospital.

Our Network of TeleIntensivist providers work with on-site doctors, mid-level providers, and the rest of the clinical care team to help remotely manage critically ill patients in the ICU using a telemedicine audio/video link.

How It Works

VALIS assists facilities in designing a customized TeleIntensivist program to meet their critical care needs. 

Although these programs vary based on facility-specific resources and goals, a typical TeleIntensivist program includes planned critical care consults and patient care rounds each morning, reviewing vital signs, radiology studies, lab tests and other patient information. With the help of the patient’s on-site care team, the TeleIntensivist provides recommendations in the ongoing care and management of complex medical conditions.

Coordinating clinical management with the on-site care team, the Critical Care Telemedicine specialist helps provide the experience and guidance to allow the local hospital to successfully treat patients that previously would have been transferred elsewhere. The patient and family, the caregivers, and the facility all benefit in different ways from the delivery of effective high-level medical care otherwise not available near home. 

A TeleIntensivist is available at all times for urgent consultation when unexpected changes or problems develop. Night and weekend on-call coverage for local intensivists can be provided as well. 

The TeleIntensivist is also available for urgent evaluations and treatment recommendations  to help determine when a patient needs the specialized resources of a larger medical center or whether critical interventions can be initiated at the local hospital. Our specialists can ensure proper treatment is delivered quickly to stabilize patients and prevent further deterioration as well as provide detailed assessments to tertiary facilities if patient transfer is required.

When time matters in saving lives, our network of TeleIntensivist providers can be at the bedside with one quick call, giving patients their best chance at successful outcomes.

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