Telehospitalist Services

Hospital Medicine and Telehospitalist Solutions

When a patient is in the hospital recovering from a major surgery or severe illness, they need physicians who can be by their side at a moment’s notice, no matter the time. For rural or community hospitals, the best way to provide this level of care is through a hospitalist— a provider whose only focus is caring for patients while they are in the hospital.

Unfortunately, because the demand for hospitalists outweighs the supply, not all rural and community hospitals have the resources to provide their patients with around the clock hospitalist care. 

But with a Telehospitalist program, you can.

How It Works

A telehospitalist program can provide your facility clinical support in two ways:

  1. 24/7, “on-demand” access to hospitalist care for facilities with no onsite hospitalist physicians, enhancing the level of care you can offer your patients
  2. Night-shift/on-call support for current onsite hospitalists to ensure 24/7 access for patients while preventing onsite physician burnout

Your facility can also see these other benefits from a telehospitalist program:

  • Response rates of 15 minutes or less
  • Real-time diagnosis
  • Consultations for mid-level providers
  • Reduced unnecessary transfers and readmissions
  • Improved throughput and ED turn around

Through its excellent network of telemedicine providers, rural and community hospitals can have expert support through all stages of implementing a telehospitalist program.

Our network of telemedicine service partners will provide your facility with highly qualified physicians and mid-level providers who specialize in caring for patients in the hospital setting. Through telemedicine technology, these physicians and mid-level providers will be able to perform: 

  • Admission and discharge orders
  • Assessments and testing
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Consults with onsite providers and family members

VALIS will provide consulting services throughout each step of your program implementation—from initial planning and development to outcome monitoring ongoing maintenance and hands-on training and program implementation for providers and clinical staff. Learn more about our consulting services.