Initial Assessment and Planning - “Creating Your Ideal Program"

The first step to developing a telemedicine program is determining whether telemedicine is the right solution for your facility’s needs and what kind of telemedicine services your facility wants to provide. VALIS helps you with these decisions through our on-site facility assessment and a detailed "Return On Investment" pro forma.

Our on-site needs assessment includes an evaluation of:

  • Cultural readiness
  • Market and program expansion opportunities
  • Outreach analysis
  • Hospital or clinic resources
  • Workflow analysis
  • ED admissions and throughput
  • Transfer/readmission patterns
  • Operational and financial data
  • Quality, care management, safety and clinical care outcome data
  • Bylaws, governance and risk management documents
  • Physician and clinical team staffing needs
  • Equipment needs
  • Staff competency and training assessment
  • Call coverage needs
  • Baseline clinical metrics and satisfaction scores
  • Policies/procedures/forms

Telemedicine Costs and Benefits