Telemedicine Consulting and Programming Solutions

Any hospital, large or small, can offer high quality specialty care through effective use of telemedicine. Telemedicine provides rapid access to board-certified clinical experts in critical care, neurology, psychiatry, cardiology and many other disciplines. With guidance from telemedicine providers and specialists, your staff can deliver the best care possible to your patients right in their hometown hospital.

The VALIS Difference

Our unique approach to programming creates a shared vision of your doctors and staff providing the highest level of care possible in your hometown facility. 

We encourage empowerment of your care team to dream big and execute well, to utilize all their talents and to take pride in the high level of care and great outcomes they offer their patients.

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Customized Telemedicine Services

From the ER to ICU and Outpatient to Home, VALIS can help your facility provide the specialty care services your community needs most.

Comprehensive Telemedicine Consulting Services

VALIS offers expert assessment, planning, implementation, and support of your telemedicine program to ensure its success.

Improving Patient Outcomes and Facility Performances

VALIS telemedicine programming provides solutions for reducing patient outmigration, readmissions and transfers while improving patient access to primary and specialty care close to home.

Key Performance Metrics and Analytics

VALIS believes operational transparency is critical to any successful telemedicine program. We work collaboratively with hospital leadership to provide insight for improving patient care outcomes, financial performance, and provider productivity.